Reasons why people choose to leave Paris


It might seem strange, but not everyone wants to live in Paris. Many people choose to leave this large metropolis for other cities in France. Their reasons vary, but some of them are common, and they regard similar problems. If you are on the brink of relocating to the French capital to date more escorts, you should first find out why so many people want to escape it. Here are some of their reasons!

Cost of living

First off, if you want to live in Paris, you should have an above-average salary. The cost of living in the French capital is higher than in most European cities, and it is almost double the cost of living in any other town in France.

Everything from food and rent to nightlife and supporting a hobby may come at an exorbitant price in the French capital. Also, if you choose to date an escort Paris, you should prepare to make a financial sacrifice that could burn a severe hole in your budget.

Busy business market

Paris is not a welcoming place for new business owners or entrepreneurs. Concerning business, the French capital is a “go big or go home” kind of place. So, you either come with a significant investment and a considerable wealth to your name, or you try your luck somewhere else.

If your dream is to make and sell pretzels for your friends and escorts, you should not consider Paris as your first business opportunity. This city is overcrowded with businesses that open every year only to close with severe debts six months later.

Not enough dating opportunities

You might think that you cannot be lonely if you live in the French capital with all the beautiful women that reside there. The truth is that unless you are dating a hot escort Paris, you have very few dating opportunities. Most people engage in long-term relationships, and the people that visit the town are usually newly-wed couples who are in love or young families.

It’s bad for your French

If your goal is to improve your French language skills, then living in Paris will not sustain your efforts. The French capital is overcrowded with expats, tourists, and immigrants. Seven out of ten people that live in the city come from another country or culture. Unless you spend your time with the native escorts, you will have very few chances of improving your French, even if you stay there for a long time.

Expensive food

Imagine settling in the French capital only to pay twice as much for a croissant than you would pay anywhere else in the country, or even the world. The food that you can enjoy with an escort Paris in this city is delicious, but it comes at an unexpectedly and usually undeservedly expensive cost.

Too many people

Last, but not least, Paris suffers from overpopulation. Thousands of people move here every year to start new careers as teachers, escorts or programmers. Couples in the capital city tend to have more children as well, so in time, you will have to deal with the town’s overcrowded ambient.